Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Newspaper Spot

This is a pretty funny take on local news -- from a newspaper's perspective.

Check out this spot from Austin, TX:


Brian said...

Good spot. That woman's voice grates on me though!

Anonymous said...

I agree about the voice. However, the creative is interesting because it positions local TV news as only available at certain times and its talent as pompous pitch men. But what's interesting to me is that couldn't this same spot, with slight changes, be used to promote local TV news web sites?
Newspapers are trying to get into the video business on-line, and when I went to the web site, it looked muck like any TV station web site. There were lots of video options.

Paul Greeley

Anonymous said...

and when newspapers try to get into the video business online they end up using a voice like hers and it actually drives people away!