Tuesday, December 2, 2008

WKYT Welcomes Some Dude

For those of you who have seen the WCCO spots, you'll recognize this cafe style approach.

Problem is -- it seems so much more forced. He's selling us on something -- whereas the WCCO spots were telling stories.

Not a bad spot - but this just doesn't do much for me.

And for those of you who have not seen the WCCO spots, this is how they should be done:


Jason said...

I think they were introducing the new guy. It may not have come off as the best, but it works so-so.

SwishPan McGee said...

"I love the area in this area. Right when I saw the area-I thought-"Wow!, what a great area!"

Paul said...

i was more impressed by the new search function on top of the youtube video's.


Anonymous said...

The guy's name is Todd Borek and he moved to WKYT after being at one of my hometown stations, WSAZ. His delivery is a microcosm of that entire operation. Only a handful of station talent is capable of not sounding like a robot, but I think that's due to either overcoaching or desperate talent wanting to leave the market. So, of course, the best first promo idea for a robo-met is to ask him to be natural again.

Justin said...

That's my video :-) Thanks for posting! user wkytpromo has some new stuff! I believe that is the actual station.