Wednesday, February 11, 2009

KOB Superbowl Spot

Katie at KOB would like feedback on this spot they created to begin airing during the Superbowl.


Deven said...

The visuals are very busy. The biggest problem is that the anchors blend into the background. I love the talent lighting, so I'd just dim the projector video a little bit.

Also, the visuals are not in harmony with the copy. The background images move way too fast for the copy. Using just one visual per anchor line would fix this.

The delivery of copy needed to be less news-announcer-like. Now is a good time to admit that I have never been a fan of the standard news cadence. I prefer talking to people like they're people.

Overall a decent promo. Not that groundbreaking, but it gets the job done.

Anonymous said...

I liked the script. Wasn't a huge fan of the projector video look. Think it would have been better with in front of a chroma wall.

Evil Monkey said...

Nice theme and lighting, but I wish you would have cut to a closeup of each anchor at least once. Match the motion, but let me see into their eyes. Helps me connect with them on a more personal level.

The way it is, I'm glazing over.

Brian said...

The thing that got me the most was the shaky cam. Might not be as much of a problem on a big screen but the jitter was distracting me on top of everything else.

Jerry said...

Reminded me of high school show & tell. The video screen looked amateurish. I think it was because the pictures didn't fill the screen. That really stuck out since so much light was hitting the screen.

The dolly looked a little rough, was it a doorway or on a track? I can't tell if it's that or the fact that the pictures shifted left & right back & forth. I'm not sure why the projected image was doing that, but it made the move feel jerky to me. If you do a long master shot like that, it has to be ultra smooth.

Sorry for all the negative, I was a photographer before I came over to promo, so that stuff sticks out to me. I thought the message was solid. Yeah, the anchors could have been more conversational, but that's usually the case in everybody's promos, including mine. It's hard to get Talent out of the Anchor voice, they do it everyday - that's a hard habit to break.

Good idea. Keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

What makes you different then your competition? There's the reminder of what you covered, but were you really the only station that covered it all? If so tell the viewers... Seperate yourself from them somehow... promise viewers that they'll get something different when they watch you. In the end the copy really only says we cover the news and will continue covering the news... did you really tell viewers anything that they didn't already know?