Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fox Vegas Morning Promos

Here is the first phase of these promos from Fox in Vegas.

The promotion manager has this to say:

FOX5 News is Local. Las Vegas…and we wanted to come up with an AM news campaign that clearly reflects the brand as well as showcasing the unique personalities of the FOX5 morning team. After kicking around several ideas we decided to go with this approach, since it is encompasses memorability as well as longevity, and works well for a town like Vegas. Although it is similar to the SC spots – all the ideas in these are original and focused on news as well as Las Vegas. Look forward to more spots featuring Elvis, Mystere, Blue Man Group, UNLV Runnin’ Rebels Coach Lon Kruger, NASCAR driver and native Las Vegan Kurt Bush, future hall of famer Greg Maddux and, of course, showgirls…as well as many more surprises soon to be revealed… Hope you enjoy!



Paul said...

funny! had my attention the entire 6 minutes. Great take on ESPN's 'this is sport center.'

So often imitated...so very rarely does it work this well!

Brian said...

All great spots - though I have to admit the ones with the Cirque du Soleil folks really creeped me out.

Evil Monkey said...

These are good. Novel thought, using what's unique about your market to sell to your market.

Anonymous said...

These are great. Can't wait to see more!

Pepe said...

I just watched the Elvis one only(watching the rest now). Absolutely great.

After spending two years in Las Vegas, I can tell you no other station has truly tapped into what makes Las Vegas unique.

I'd say these are spot on for Vegas and a Fox station.

Jason said...

oh, and funny.

BenT - the unbeliever said...

For me as someone who doesn't live in Vegas they seem effective. I would think tourists love the Vegas saturation.

If I actually lived in Las Vegas I'd see these spots as force-feeding me the stereotypes of my hometown. Something that I wouldn't enjoy.

mplsmade said...

super clever.
had me laughing out loud.

Anonymous said...

Over the top and completely ridiculous. The only thing funny about them is how they look. Superficial with no substance, pretencious like Vegas itself. Outside of that they're Okay!