Tuesday, March 31, 2009

WBZ Viewer Spots

Here is the next set of spots for WBZ's curious campaign. Interaction with the audience is big and these spots showcase it well.


Anonymous said...

This whole campaing inspires me yet frustrates the hell out me at the same time.

Based on the WBZ model, we launched a similar campaign last year, and the ND was on board and excited about the project. Loved it and it's potential. Granted, our spots weren't as good as WBZ's, but we were getting a decent response.

Every day, I'd take print-out to the ND showing her the respoinse and highlighting potential story ideas. 2 months later, not a single story done. 3 months later, we launch a new campaing and the ND asks for some something more interactive with viewers. To which we respond, you mean like the last campaign?

Her eyes glaze over and we then had to re-explain what we did and remind her that she had been given daily printouts of viewer feedback. To which she had no response and just walked out of the room.

Anonymous said...

What a refreshing change from the formulaic news promotion so prevalant today and in years past. Original, simple but classy, cute, leaves me with a positive feeling about the product, message is clear and consistent with what the news product is all about.
Paul Greeley

Jason said...

How'd they get real viewers to act like real people? :-)

The second one is better.

Huss said...

I do agree that going the way of viewer interaction is the way to go. Great strides in keeping yoru newscast from turning into a commodity.

scooterbucs said...

Nice spots. I wonder how many viewers WBZ went through to find these two that actually deliver on camera. On the second one, I was waiting for the viewer to call out the anchor on his salary. "I'm a valuble contributor to WBZ news, too, but I don't make six figures." LOL

Anonymous said...

maybe they are actors