Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Brush with Greatness

I was having breakfast the other morning with some friends and the subject of meeting celebrities came up. Being in TV... we all get a chance to meet famous people. So I thought I'd throw it out to you guys and ask -- what's your best celebrity story?

I have two. First, I got a chance to write promos for George Bush Sr. to read. Kinda cool to have your words delivered by the former leader of the free world. No matter how you feel about politics -- working with a President has to be considered cool, right? He even signed one of my scripts.

The second was meeting comedy icon Bill Cosby. Anyone who knows me well knows I love comedy -- so the chance to meet the Cos was a thrill. He did NOT call me "brilliant", as the president so graciously wrote. Bill Cosby called me an asshole. It was a joke. I think.

What's your favorite "brush with greatness" story?


Anonymous said...

Met Bill Cosby as well...he was actually the a-hole. Came into our news room, made horrible comments about an overweight employee, among other things. A rude and unpleasant guy to work with for sure.

Anonymous said...

Having dealt with Cosby multiple times over the last few years (he's local to me), I agree with the other anonymous poster. He really is a jerk.

Evil Monkey said...

Same Bill Cosby story here. He agreed to cut a bunch of IDs in the few minutes we had with him. He didn't like any of the scripts so he made up his own.

Cool, right?

Not a single one was airable.

I had to play Dr. Frankenstein to get one promo out of all the takes.