Thursday, October 13, 2011

This spot features some of the worst still shots of anchors I've seen in awhile. Almost everyone looks bad, in my opinion.

For more on a bit of controversy sparked by this spot, check out Uncle Barky's website:



Anonymous said...

And surely those awful, AWFUL stills have sparked internal controversy as well. It's like someone said 'ooh, this is a way to get back at all of those big TV egos'.

Anonymous said...

Those still were terrible. I can't believe they let that get on air. I'm all for showing the talent as real and capturing them in candid moments, but no one would post such unflattering pictures of his own online for all to see. Why would they think to do that for a television spot?

Anonymous said...

@ the first anonymous. Let's hope those still shots just fell through the cracks. But you may be surprised how many promotions folks have real work to do and don't have time to plot revenge on news talent.