Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New KHOU Spots

I worked at KHOU from 2002-2005... great station. Here are a few new promos from the Lone Star state:


Anonymous said...

Like the Lisa Hernandez spots, but that fast turn/hair flip in the second one says (insert every bad joke about women on TV being stupid bimbos you've ever heard here). See seems like a smart, classy woman. That shot takes away from that.

JWalker said...

I like the personal spots with anchors. I'm not crazy about the forced meet-n-greet spots. "We're out here letting people know about our news" really throws up the flag and says, "yep we're in last place, no one watches us & we can reach more people by going to the subway." #SAD I like seeing anchors in the community in a more natural setting like the first spots.