Friday, February 8, 2013

Iron Mike Exclusive

Mike Tyson interview... some great, tough questions from the reporter:

Mike Tyson Exclusive from WTHR Creative on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Kind of old news. Not sure any viewers care. No matter how many scary booms you put in the music.

Paul said...

Nice production and SOT selection.

This is a well crafted promo with a solid peg to revisit old news.

Anonymous said...

Disagree with the first comment. Mike Tyson always draws eyeballs. There are very few athletics marred by so much controversy and tragedy. Think about it for a second, and I may have played this up a little more in the promo. The word near the end is key. Forgiveness. WHY, has the country been so quick to forgive a man convicted of rape, bitten of a man's ear in the ring and possibly beaten a former wife? Forgiveness is a powerful thing, and speaks volumes. I'm not a fan of boxing, but Tyson's story is one of the more intriguing in the sports realm.