Sunday, February 3, 2013

Superbowl Commercials: The Promo Edition

Here are a few spots I've found online that premiered during the Super Bowl.  This is always a big chance for stations to connect with viewers, relaunch a brand, etc

Comment below with your favorite or a link to your own spot.


Anonymous said...

Total "ick" feeling on the WBNS/10TV spot, and I usually am a fan of their spots. Too hokey and scripted for me.

The WKRG/5 'Gimme 5' spot was fun, simple, nicely edited, and effective.

The KOVR/CBS13 spot made me laugh and I didn't see it was going to be a news promo until the end, which is always nice.

The WRAL spot I thought missed the mark, not sure exactly how, just didn't totally feel it.

Enjoyed the 'Greatness' spot from WLKY. Nice graphics and edit to it. Good message.

Thanks for sharing these!

Anonymous said...

I DO like this WRAL #SeizetheDay spot, however:!

Anonymous said...

Love the CBS 13 spot. Very creative clever and well done. However...That guy NEVER had a "girlfriend" LOL