Friday, October 11, 2013

KHOU Stands for Houston

From Houston -- here are 3 new image spots that use storytelling to sell the brand mission.

These feature actual stories from their newscast to illustrate what's important to the station and the community.  Well done spots.


Paul Greeley said...

I really like this direction. I think using your performance as part of your image promotion is strong and in this case, emotional advertising. Think of all the material you’d have to use! It’s honest, credible, solid news promotion especially if your brand is as a viewer advocate.
You need to convince viewers that your station stands for something, especially something they believe in.
Paul Greeley

Bobby Rigg said...

Thanks for the feedback Paul!

chris said...

I like the feel, but in the "Bike" story, it almost seems like you guys are taking credit for the police investigation

Bobby Rigg said...

Hi Chris, I can definitely see where you're coming from. At first these were some "isolated" attacks that weren't getting much attention. We did multiple reports with victims and other people who lived in the surrounding neighborhoods, and then Houston Police came out saying that they'd caught some of the kids. The challenge was not to say "because of us HPD made these arrests," but to still make the point that hey, we didn't let this story go until HPD took care of the problem. It's a grey area for sure. Thanks for your feedback!

Chris Kittinger said...

Good way so show the importance of what your news team does and connecting to your audience. Not the tried, true, and tired promos that most viewers have grown accustomed to ignoring.

Well done.