Wednesday, January 21, 2009

WBZ: Conversation Nation

Thoughts? Love the location - luke warm on the spot. Maybe because I don't quite understand what it is. It left me a bit confused.

Its actually their blog. It seems like its part of the news.


scooterbucs said...

Gotta agree with you...
I love the location, but what the eff is the weather guy talking about? His ramblings are a distraction. I like how they make fun of him at the end though.

Evil Monkey said...

I think it's telling me to watch their morning. If that's not it, it's a confusing. BUT, I think it works as part of a larger campaign if you throw a ton of GRPs at it. It's well-acted and beautifully shot and you identify with the talent, which seems to be WBZ's first priority in their promotion.

Anonymous said...

It actually is promoting to watch their morning news. The online blog is a supplement to the franchise in theri newscast. I also like when people make fun of weather people too. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear WBZ,
Thanks to trying different stuff.

Dear WBZ GM,
Thanks for letting your CS Team try different stuff.