Tuesday, January 20, 2009

WPTV Spots

Here are a few spots from WPTV in West Palm Beach, FL.

These never aired:

A holiday spot:

And my favorite, a web spot:


Evil Monkey said...

These are nice. I love the holiday spot...very real, very human. He allows you to laugh with him or even at him, and that's great for building rapport. Was this spot planned or did it come while shooting something else? Why wouldn't that air?

Anonymous said...

The weather spot DID air. The ones above it didn't, but I'm not sure why.

Anonymous said...

I mean, the holiday spot.

Anonymous said...

Just for clarity purposes: The top three spots with the kids DID NOT air....both the holiday and web spots DID air...

Anonymous said...

I think the Holiday spot is great and I like the .com spot as well.

I think the wx spots are missing what the Holiday spot has... humor and personality. Nobody wants to imagine themselves as being dumb or a bad parent. Nobody likes to hear "I told you so" and I think promos that use this message can be a turnoff... or just clich├ęd.

Add a little humor and I think the response is to laugh along or be amused... like the Holiday spot.
Just my two cents.

Jason said...

The wx spots didn't work for me.

The wording and execution just didn't hit me right. The words don't flow, and it comes across as "you shoulda watched us, but you're too dumb." Making viewers feel guilty and dumb is not a good idea.

See the kids, then go to "You should have watched" then to some weather video would have been one way to execute the spot with a faster pace. Seeing those wet kids for 30 seconds was kinda creepy.

Katie said...

I love the web and especially the holiday spots. I think the WX spots would have been more effective if they would've been shorter, or if you could have tied them into your wx team at the end.

Anonymous said...

Liked the WX spots. Made their point in a memorable way. Yes, probably would have changed the wording a bit - but not a deal breaker.

Holiday spot was nice.

Web spot was a bore.