Saturday, May 31, 2008

Best and Worst Companies to Work For

One of the reasons I do this blog is to share information. Today, I'd like to start a discussion on the broadcast companies out there - who's good to work for? who's a pain?

Now, I'm not looking for a bunch of axe-grinding comments here... I think we should keep this as professional as possible. I encourage you all to comment below about the companies you've worked for. From how they run their news departments to how they support/nurture their employees... anything a person may find important if considering working for these companies. From resources to quality of work - what do you know that could help others?

The comment feature allows you to post annonymously - so please feel free to do so if you feel inclined. I'd like to hear the bad AND the good. Lets use this forum to educate others.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

New WBZ Curiosity Campaign

I know Wendy at WBZ will probably read this - so I'll keep the gushing down to a low roar.

I said it months ago - Wendy and her team are reinventing news promotion in my book. Gone are the days of generic spots that babble on about choppers and preparing and protecting you. These spots have heart. They have impact. They have a sense of humor. They respect the viewers. Love or hate some of the approaches of their promos - the recent spots from WBZ command attention and create buzz. They are simply not just promos - they are advertising.

For those that do not know - WBZ management is made up of 3 people who did wonders at WCCO first. The GM, news director and creative services director work very well together and the trust that has developed allows for some amazing work. I think that kind of teamwork is key to success.

Wendy sent along this spot and the accompanying website of their newest campaign:

I love the tone and charm of the spots. What a great way to say "We report on the stories that impact your life" without saying those overused cliche words?? The blog invites viewers to share their stories and concerns. But not in the "We are the news. We are better than you" way that most stations do promotion.

And lastly, before I go and set up my fan if you are "curious" how WBZ is doing with this new, respectful approach to news and promotion?

Check out the May book. For the first time in 15 years(123 straight books) - WBZ was #1 at 11 in all demos. From 4th to 1st... in a year.

Now do they have your attention?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

KWTV: It's a Twister!

Here's something from our friend Paul Greeley. CNN gave them some great POP bites!

On Saturday afternoon, May 24, at around 2pm, both CNN and FOX News went live to KWTV News9’s (CBS, Oklahoma City) coverage of a tornado north of OKC. While KWTV News9 had continuous reports from Chief Meteorologist Gary England in the weather center and News9’s many storm trackers, the most dramatic footage came from its chopper, SkyNews9 HD, piloted by Mason Dunn. Shortly after the live coverage, CNN interviewed Mason Dunn on his experiences shooting tornados from a helicopter. This is followed by CNN Meteorologist, Jacqui Jeras, talking about the footage and the work of both England and Dunn.

Click here to link to the CNN report:

And to see a promo that KWTV, News9 made about the story, click here:

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nice Spot

UPDATE: Crappy Spot!!! See comments below.

When you have sound like this - its hard to screw up a spot like this.

Well done.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Orleans Spots

Check these out. New Orleans has a ton of crime - could this possibly work there? The production is terrible. These kinds of spots scare me.