Thursday, November 15, 2007

Best Sweeps Ideas so far

Well, its about 1/2 way or so... soooo.... anyone have any good sweeps ideas?

This has been a hard book. I don't see many good stories out there anywhere. Tonight, we're profiling a guy who may have cured a form of cancer, with a machine
he built in his garage. A good hook, since he has no medical background.

If anyone has anything good to share - please do so.

From you, from the competition, from 10 years ago - any good ideas will do!

Sorry to beg. It happens in November.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Way Back Machine!

Today, I happened to hear our station's internet guru(a 20-something year old genius) mention a website. So I checked it out, as his leads are usually interesting.

The site?

If you've never heard of it - check it out. It's an archive of, I assume, every webpage ever. Some of my websites I checked out:

- my station's site: interesting to see the evolution of your station's web presence
- September 11: I went back to and as well as strangely didn't have an entry archived)

I'm sure there are tons of other good uses for this. The site doesn't have everything and seems to be a bit slow - but it's certainly interesting.

Any other cool ideas for using this site?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The motherload!

A fellow blogger shared her list of arthouse websites with me and it's extensive!

I won't just post her info on my site... so please check out promogirl's website for the list:

This is an incredible list of some of the wildest, most creative work being done out there in TV land.

Enjoy! And thanks Promogirl.

Monday, November 12, 2007


When I worked in Houston, I got to work with former President Bush twice. What a great guy. No matter how you feel about politics or his son - he was charming and nice each time.

To be honest, the first time I worked with the President(and his wife Barbara) - I was making up a project to do so. The Superbowl was coming to Houston and since they live in H-town - I wrote a promo for them to read. It worked out great and it was very cool meeting them.

The next time was even better, as the station was doing a "day of sharing" following the Tsunami in Southeast Asia. His people made sure we all got photographed with the president and he even signed my script "Don, Brilliant text! George Bush 41"

Now I know its silly - but I really enjoyed working with him. Its a great feeling having the President read your words.

And today, I see this picture of 41.

Any president that's that old that still SKY DIVES?!?!!!!!!! is ok by me.

Have you had the chance to meet someone cool because of work? Tell us all about it.