Saturday, February 16, 2008

Funny Sweeps Promo

Pretty funny. The story seems lame - but the promo is pretty good!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

WPVI: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Found more vintage promos from WPVI... check em out:

This one also includes an ad for a movie I'd love to see, Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold. Meow. Check it out:

Vintage spots and a word about the promos below

I heard from Paul Greeley today - who wanted to comment on the morning promo I posted earlier today.

Paul's a great guy and offered this bit of information:


I just wanted to point out that that many of the spots done by WPVI (and WABC, WLS, KABC, etc) are the brain child of a company called New York Communications and its owner, Mike Davis. I worked for Mike in the late 80’s and wrote many of the promos that were done then and that are done today. Not many folks know about the work of NYC, but they should. The morning spot you have on the site looks like a spot I wrote for WTNH called Personal Weatherman way back when. While I couldn’t find that particular spot in a movie file I could e-mail you, attached are two spots done by NYC, the Home Movies spot being one of the most syndicated news promo ever done. Mike Davis can be reached at

Here are the two spots Paul sent along:

Paul is currently the Director of Marketing at KWTV. Thanks Paul for sharing.

Morning Promo: We're In Your House!

I've seen several variations of this promo... where the morning show talent are in the home with a viewer, giving them information, letting them know they'll need an umbrella, etc...

I was wondering though, where did that start? Here is a promo from WPVI in Philadelphia that may very well have started it all - but I have no idea.

KCNC in Denver did a very funny parody... which can be found here:

It can be found about 2:20 in. (Thanks qunewsguy for the info)

Anyone have any other fun, creative morning show promotion?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Game Show News Promos

I'm going to surprise alot of people here - but I think I like these promos. I retain my right to change my mind.

This one is kinda weird because you never see the player's face:

I think that since WDJT has many promo positions in game shows - that this really gets the point across to that audience.

At least it is different! Thoughts?

Best ESPN Spots

Pure gold.