Thursday, May 8, 2008


This is a little older...but I like this spot. Nicely shot. See if you can figure out the voice over guy...

The line about the nation's most trusted news source seems a bit much - but the rest is ok.

And I believe to voice is Magnum PI himself, Tom Selleck!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

There are no words.

24-Hour News

This isn't about news promotion specifically - but about a change in local news that will affect us all.

I've been predicting this for years and now it may be coming true. FTV Live is reporting today that WNBC in New York is planning a 24-hour newschannel. To me, this seems to make sense.

The idea that people will make appointment television at 11pm to see the news is becoming extremely outdated. The internet, 24-hour national news and the use of DVRs make this an "I want news when I want it - not when you give it to me" world.

DVRs are especially making it hard to get people into the tent for the late news. Think about it - a long time ago you had to actually WATCH a TV show when it came on. How silly that has become! Now, you can watch "Lost" or "CSI" on your DVR whenever you want. More and more people are timeshifting their most favorite of programs - so what makes us think people will make an appointment to watch your dumb news series? I forget when my favorite shows are even on now. I'm used to the DVR so I'm now conditioned to NOT make appointment television.

So this is where 24-hour news makes the most sense. It won't get the big ratings a newscsast gets because viewers will be more spread out throughout the day. It won't have the quality because there is too much time to fill. FTVLive reports WNBC would use VJs to accomplish this. VJs in the #1 market! The quality will be lower - but stations will be able to give viewers what they want - news on demand.

I'm not for the loss of quality, far from it. I think local news has sunk to new lows as it is. But for everyone who still fights the station's website "because it takes away from the newscasts" - know that the future has arrived. We must change our industry to keep up - or face extinction.

And then what would we promote!!!?

Monday, May 5, 2008

CBS News Promo

Check out this promo:

Seems like a typical spot. But am I being picky by saying this: I don't think Katie should refer to him as her "lifeline"... and his line about emailing him so he can explain something in greater detail could be taken as being directed at Katie herself.

Does an anchor who's #3 in the ratings need to come across as someone who needs a "lifeline"? Sure - he's the expert, I get that - but does Katie really need to make comments that make her seem less knowledgeable?

Or am I just being too overly sensitive to this? What do you think?