Monday, June 6, 2011

No Texting!

The Alamo Draft House is Austin is a great movie theater that has a strict "no texting" policy.

After a recent customer refused to stop texting after two warnings -- she was kicked out.

Here is a PSA they created to run before their R-rated films... that features a voice mail left by the customer.


Makes you wish you could do something like this with all the crazy "Why are my soaps not on?"-type calls we get at TV stations!

Promax Station Summit

Who's going?  I AM!

Years ago, when I got into the promo business - my boss went to Promax.  That year - Oprah threw a little party with Tina Turner providing the music.  I thought - man, I can't wait to go to this thing!

Now, a short 17 or so years later... here I go. Vegas baby!

Let me know if you're going and if you see me there -- please say hello. 

Can't WAIT to see what Oprah has planned this year.  ;)