Friday, January 18, 2008

KDKA Promo

Here is a nearly shot by shot copy of a KTVT promo from Dallas. They are both CBS O&Os... but it seems a little odd to me.

Anyone know more of the scoop?

I don't have the Dallas spot from youtube, but you can find it on David Hershey's(the former CSD at KTVT) company website:

It's marked 11 News Timelapse. There are some other news promos there as well.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Interesting Promo Kinda Thingy

Ok, I hate when I have to give the competition credit... but this is kinda cool. The station is doing a showing of the new movie "Cloverfield"(which I can't wait to see!)...

This is a well done, well produced piece - I assume maybe for the night of the showing or maybe they'll air it.

They had a lot of fun with it - which I always appreciate. And according to our local tv critic, the director called and said how much he liked it.

"He basically said he hadn't laughed that hard in ages," Weber(the morning anchor) said Monday. "He said it was so humbling to have someone appreciate what he did. He was great."

Hope you enjoy!

Today Show: Here I (will not) Come!

Today was filled with drama courtesy of Today. Let me explain.

We have been working on doing promos with the Today Show. My boss and our senior producer were planning to go to NYC to shoot spots with our morning talent. But today it was decided that yours truly should go as well - as we were going to shoot a lot of stuff and could use the help.

"Wahoo! I'm going to New York!" I told my friends and relatives. I planned where I was going to go and what I was going to eat. (I used to live in Manhattan) We bought the airline ticket and then we got the call. "Oh, we can't have another person in the studio during the shoot" said NBC. DOH!

Soooooo... I'm staying home. So much for my free trip to NYC. So much for my street hotdogs. So much for my Times Square hookers.

Another time, I suppose.

As for the other morning promos I've been blogging about - it has been decided to steer clear of the personality driven spots and focus on the meat and potatoes. Which actually may turn out ok... but not near as clever and fun and interesting as I had previously planned. As soon as they are done - if I am not shamed by them - I'll share.