Monday, October 12, 2009

CBS 2 New York

New Morning Spots from WCBS:

There's Cake in the Conference Room!

It's hard to believe - but I started this site two years ago today!

During that time, I've posted countless spots, made some good friends out there in promoland and luckily, kept the blog discussions from turning ugly(ok, well - most of the time!)

I'd like to thank everyone who comes to blog, especially those who contribute and for sure those that click on the ads! (I'm close to getting my check for 10 cents -- so come on, click those ads!)

In the next year - let me know if there's something you'd like me to add to the blog. And I encourage anyone who wants to write something for the blog or submit spots for review on the site - to do so.

This is your site. Let me know how we can make it even better.

Thanks again everyone. Enjoy the cake!

(some restrictions apply. see store for details. not available in your state. there is no cake.)