Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Life After TV?

I'm often asked by people who have been in this profession for years - "What's next outside of TV?"

So many in promo wonder what they might do if they find themselves without a job -- or that day when they think "I can't stand another sweeps!  It's time to give this up."

So I'm asking -- where do Creative Services Directors go once they've left TV?

Ad agencies?  Marketing for a non-TV company?

What skills do we gain at a station that are transferable?

Let's start a discussion here, anonymously, that might help those looking for their next step.

Give your thoughts, experiences and knowledge in the comments section. 

Stay anonymous if you'd like - just share your thoughts.  It might just help someone move on to a happy, healthy life outside of broadcasting.

And hey - that opens up positions for those who still love Nielsen ratings each morning!