Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stay Classy North Texas!

A POP for WFAA anchor Ron Corning featuring Ron Burgundy, kinda.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

To POP or not to POP

Devastating tornadoes recently hit the Kentucky/Southern Indiana area.  A producer from the Fox station in Charlotte Louisville wrote to ask "Do you do a POP in these situations?"  He'd like your opinion of exactly where the line is.  Here is the spot he eventually produced -- choosing to let the people tell the story.

I think this is the only type of spot you can do at this point - along with any kind of community relief efforts.  Any type of promo drum beating/"We warned you first/First on the scene/the only station with..." is just insensitive.   TV stations are there to serve the community... forget rating points and building your weather image right now.    I think being there to document the events and providing a service to your community is the only way to go.

Share your thoughts on POPs during extreme circumstances?

My heart goes out to the people of this area.   Judging by this video -- they've been through hell.

Want to Join CBS13?

Sweeps is over and its time to look for that new gig!  You know - the one that allows you to have fun, create award-winning work and live in a great part of the country.

KOVR/KMAX(the stations I work for!) are  looking for a top-notch writer/producer to join our team.  Check out our "Best of" reel from last year:

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