Friday, September 28, 2012

Sacramento Wants YOU!

Tired of being told your ideas are too far outside the box?

Want to work on fun, creative, challenging spots -- ones that make you proud to put them on your reel?

Want to work in a beautiful facility, visit wine country and San Francisco on the weekends and work with the most creative team I've personally ever worked with?

Well then why are you still reading????  Send me a reel and your resume NOW!  Send it to

We're looking for a smart, creative producer -- with a passion for promotion and a deep desire to win.

Take a look at our Youtube page to see the type of work we do:

And take a look at this 3 minute montage we created last year that won us one of 4 Promax Awards:

New out of Nashville

A different take on Friday night football -- this spot features their veteran sports director talking about sports & life.

And here is a website re-design promo:

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

ABC7 Smart Shopper

I love these types of graphic-driven spots.  Simple... yet well thought out.

This one from Florida: