Thursday, August 5, 2010

Facebook Fan Promo

Our show "Good Day Sacramento" is a fun, irreverent show that allows us to do all kinds of out of the box/funny promos.

When our Facebook page hit 20,000 fans -- I came up with this promo to thank the 20K fan in a way only Good Day can. Special thanks to Mike Wiebe - who shot most of this and really helped turn this spot into something fun.


WBZ: Keller at Large

The latest from WBZ -- political reporter Jon Keller:

What is it?????

And will it be big enough to not disappoint when it starts? When it comes to local news -- I'm not so sure.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Working on the Sales Video?

Here's one from KDAF in Dallas that I really like.

Some very funny lines - including several swipes at "Family Guy"... take a look:

UPDATE: I originally thought the voice was Simpsons voice god Dan Castinella -- but its actually Mike Kaminski - an extremely talented guy. Here he is doing the voices for the Simpsons prodcuers: