Friday, May 23, 2008

Wendy's Final Broadcast

Last week, I shared the spot for our main anchor's final newscast. Here were the ratings results:

7.83 rating/14 share

Our average during the book at 6pm was a 4.6/8 share

Our local paper's television critic kept writing about how we were overdoing it... but in the end, we got eyeballs to the tube.

And I will say it again... Wendy is a class act and will be missed at WESH. Here, in case you missed it - is her final promo:

You can also see part of her last newscast here, which includes a piece our department did to say goodbye. Look for the poem at the end of the clip. My boss Suzanne and our Senior Producer Kip did an amazing job on this.

Something Cool to Share

Make sure to leave the ad page up for a few moments to see it do it's thing.

What an ad!

HEMA is a Dutch department store that opened in 1926. This is their
product page. Wait a few moments to see what happens.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Their Minds Must Be Freezing

Happy Post Sweeps

Ah... the best time of year. The day after sweeps and a 3-day weekend ahead!

For my station, we saw some great gains in the afternoons. Our main anchor, who has been here for 20 years, had her final broadcast last night and I hope the ratings are high. Wendy is a classy person who will be missed in our newsroom and community.

How did your station do? Any great sweeps stories that popped a #?? Anything unique being done in your market?

Share with us all... comment below!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tale of Two Spots

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Ah, screw it... the Ragu spot is gone again.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE! The Ragu spot is now back... go figure.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the link to the Ragu spot is dead. In the end, I think we are overly critical of news promos - but the Ragu spot was far superior to the WCBS one - as DigitalVic explained. Although I am not a huge fan of "testing" spots - I don't think its a bad idea to show them off to folks in accounting, the receptionist, etc to get a reaction. I'll have to blog about the hells of testing spots another day!


I'd like to share 2 black and white/photo spots with you today. One is for a newscaster and the other is a stealth ad for Ragu.

Now, I'll be the first to admit - I'm not a big fan of the WCBS spots and love the one for Feed Your Kids Well.

But why? Both are produced just about the same exact way. Both have somewhat cliche copy.

Could it be... SHOCK... I'm wrong? Is it possible viewers actually DO connect to the WCBS promos? Certainly, the Ragu ad features the innocence of childhood, which all of us can relate to. Kids are part of my "things we hold sacred" rule of promotion - its easy to make an emotional connection with children.

But my question to myself and all of you is - are we too jaded to see that the WCBS spots don't play well to TV people who've done this for years and years - but do actually play well to the general public?

Could my barometer be so far off... because I've seen so many promos in my career that this just seems like a bunch of crap? The minute the same exact style of spot is shown to me and its NOT for news - I lap it up.

It is easy to say, no - these WCBS spots aren't very good... but I think we should take into very serious consideration that we are not producing promos for ourselves but for the viewing public.

This is an example where I'm man enough to admit - I could be wrong.


Monday, May 19, 2008

New WCBS Weather Spots

Check out the summer editions of this series of spots.

Although these spots present some interesting information in a clean, concise way - I'm still not a fan. They seem a little frivolous and silly for my taste and I wonder if New Yorkers feel the same.

I wish I had access to some great weather spots done by WBZ, which were similar but much more clever. If anyone has them - let me know, I'd love for everyone to see them as well.

As always - share your comments below!

New Weather Spot

Our friend Paul Greeley sent along this spot, that highlights the 35 years of experience of main weatherman Gary England at KWTV in Oklahoma City. This spot doesn't have a bunch of fancy graphics - but the use of archive footage really helps sell the point.

Let us and Paul know what you think... comment below!