Friday, January 11, 2008

WXYZ Morning Promos

I've always wanted to do something similar to these... I wonder if WXYZ has Magid as their research company. These spots speak to what they told us in Houston was what viewers wanted(especially the one where the guy is standing near the watercooler and doesn't know what everyone's talking about). I wanted to do something like this - sorry some one has beat me to it!

Anyways - check them out here:

Nice, simple spots... they get the point across.

As for my own morning promos I'm working on - ugh. I don't want to talk about it right now.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Oh Fun! More Vintage WFAA promos

Let's jump in the way back machine and check out these groovy spots from WFAA, circa 1979.

New Morning Spots: Day 3

The hostage situation continues... held captive by these spots and unfortunately, a huge breaking news event that started and ended my day.

Today, there was a massive 50-car pile-up on I-4. Our station kicked major butt, as we are the only station in town to have a chopper in the morning. Actually, every station uses Metro Traffic's chopper... but we use ours as well to cover breaking news. Today - it paid off big time.

So first thing this morning - I began working on POPs. We had everything to crow about - so I spent most of my day working on that.

I did spend about an hour working on the new morning campaign and cut together another A-roll of a spot where the anchors discuss their first/worst experiences on-air. These spots are either going to go over well or freak our news director out. They aren't "hard-hitting" but push personality, which isn't something we've done a lot of.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get farther on this project - but I fear another POP will take most of my day. Oh well... isn't TV fun?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Morning Spots: Day 2

It sounds like news coverage of a hostage situation: I've been taken captive by these promos: Day 2.

Today was all about logging and cutting up the footage. I downright refuse to transcribe - so I created a timeline for each anchor and cut down their answers into clips. Then I took one or two word "keyword" notes which I plan to type up tonight at home. Hopefully by tomorrow - the spots will start to come together.

I'm really hoping to find a clever turn I can do with the type onscreen or tag lines. Someone has already called me on taking a page from WCCO's spots. I think I took an idea from one spot, modified it and am taking an idea from another spot - and trying to meld the two. It could be cool. It could be great. It could be downright plagerism. Shhh... don't tell anybody.

I think the coffee shop WCCO spots have inspired me to come up with a clever way to bring it all together. Now the hard part -- be clever. Doh!

In case you didn't see it in the comments, Mike Lange from WKOW in Madison, WI shared some spots they did there. Nice spots that really make the talent seem like they like each other and know each other well. Unfortunatly in my situation, our anchors are new and don't know each other well yet...

Here are Mike's spots... thx for sharing!

Vintage WFAA Promos

These are pretty funny to watch. I've been doing promos for 17 years and these are WAY before my time. Check em out...

Cool threads. The first use of "standard" promo shots. And pretty happenin' music too! Enjoy.

Monday, January 7, 2008

New Morning Spots: Day 1

Today we shot new morning show promos with our new morning anchors. The idea is for them to be "get to know you" spots. I asked them all kinds of questions. I asked the normal "what's it like to wake up so early" questions. I asked "If you were invisible, where would you go?"

The idea was to relax them, make them laugh a little bit and get answers that aren't the norm. I hope it went ok. I thought the anchors were great - they had some good stories and really showed some great personality.

Now... the hard part. Editing. Constructing spots. Writing interesting font copy to go with the interviews.

Hopefully it works out. I think the spots will be great - I'll share them once we are done. I'll update each day on our progress.

I am so tired of doing "the most accurate forecast to start your day"-type spots and I'm sure the audience is sick of seeing them. With 2 new anchors - I hope we can create a real connection with the audience.

Wish me luck! If it works, it was all my idea... if not, I'm blaming you.