Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cool Visuals

Check out this cool effect from WBBH, NBC2 in Fort Myers.

Even if you're a bad guy - you have to be stoked to be animated! Nice take on a spot most of us have had to produce in our lives.

LA Times Ink Campaign

This is freaking cool. What a great visual effect that links perfectly with newspapers:

And here is another clever spot for the paper:

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oprah Topicals

Oprah does not take declining ratings sitting down... this season she's been hitting some pretty good topics. Mackenzie Phillips, the face transplant lady, now Mike Tyson - a few that come to mind quickly.

Their promo department has always done top notch work, no matter what their subject matter. Check out a few of their recent topicals, always good for a little inspiration:

The result? Ratings are up for the Queen of Talk.

CBS Evening News

Cool effect on this CBS Evening News promo.


Netflix recently posted this internal document - that discusses their corporate culture, how they keep good employees and their lack of key policies such as vacation!

A fascinating read. Some of it you may skim over(it is 128 pages!)... but it really sets the stage for a place anyone would want to work. Some food for thought as television quickly loses its lure for many.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Bill Kurtis is Scaring Me(UPDATED!)

Check out this promo from WBBM in Chicago.

Everything is pretty normal... until the last second or so of the spot.

Ok Bill!!! I'll watch Thursday nights!! Just please leave that poor anchorman alone!!



A coworker knew the origins of the "hit" - an AT&T spot featuring boxer Floyd Mayweather. You can check out the spot here.

My question is - how many people get the reference?

Catchy Tune!

We often see some of the great work from WCCO producer Erica on this site -- but tonight, I'd like you to see a project she's been spending her spare time on.

Check out this music video for local Minneapolis artist Dan Rodriguez. It features a cameo from WCCO anchor Don Shelby.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Paper Boy

Check out these spots from WFSB in Hartford. An interesting take on news delivery in our times.