Saturday, September 11, 2010

Favorite Music Package?

Megatrax?  Videohelper?  You with a kazoo in the audio booth?

Where do you turn for music?  Any packages you wish you had?

My favorite has always been Videohelper.  Modern music with the funniest liner notes around.

I've also come to love Megatrax.  A huge range and a searchable website.

What package do you love the most when you're in a promo pinch and need that perfect score?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WFAA Looking for a Writer/Producer

Early in my career - I was shown promos from WFAA in Dallas. I was blown away.

Later, when I worked for their parent company, Belo, I loved seeing the creative that came out of that shop. Anyone who knows me well knows what high regard I hold WFAA.

Now, the station has a rare opening in their promo department. GM Mike Devlin is one smart cookie(he was the News Director in Houston during my time there) -- Dave Muscari is another great guy there. If you'd like to work at a station that still thinks journalism and great storytelling are #1... a station where the quality meter is dialed up to 11... check them out.

Promotion Writer/Producer/Editor WFAA- TV Dallas, Texas

We are seeking a Promotion Writer/Producer/Editor, who will be responsible for working with Promotion Director & staff to execute daily advertising needs for WFAA by writing, producing and/or editing of promotional announcements, as well as spots promoting targeted special reports and programming. This position may also be responsible for conceptualizing, writing, and producing, editing advertising material for other internal or external clients as deemed necessary by Promotion Director.

We are seeking a candidate with the following:

• Bachelor’s degree preferred.
• Must have ability to work under pressure.
• Should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. or fax resumes to (214) 977-6393

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

WPIX Curb Your Enthusiasm

I will NOT curb my enthusiasm! These spots are terrific! WPIX has been producing some really interesting promos as of late. Check out this series of spots promoting one of my favorite shows "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

Monday, September 6, 2010

Weather in Atlanta

Are we EVER going to get past explaining how weather technology can prepare and protect your family? WE GET IT!!!