Thursday, April 25, 2013

Geo-Targeting Spots

Smart idea from St. Louis -- KMOV created these spots specific to certain regions.

They're airing via the cable company - which can target spots to specific neighborhoods.

Great idea.  I'd be curious what other great cable ideas people have out there.  Care to share?

11Alive Together

11Alive in Atlanta has just launched this new spot featuring Andrew Young - the former Mayor of Atlanta, who was a leader in civil rights. He was a very close friend of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and was with him at the time of his death.

The producer told me:  "The focus with this relaunch campaign is to identify with the core of audience of Atlanta. Rather than show our anchors; or talk about ourselves, we wanted to acknowledge the people of Atlanta are what matter most, and it is their stories of hope that make Atlanta what it is."

11Alive Together: Andrew Young from J.R. VanWassenhove on Vimeo.

Up and Ready

From WKYC: