Saturday, March 22, 2008

1st Annual PromOscar Awards

In the great tradition of the Emmy... the Academy Awards... and the Denny's Employee of the Month program.... I present to you, live from the IDOPROMOZ world headquarters in sunny Orlando, FL the first ever PromOscar Awards competition for:


(cue cheesy music)

To the right, you will find a poll for you to vote on your favorite image promo of all time. These are some of the better promos I've seen out there in Youtubeland.

I invite you... no I beg you to comment below on your favorites. Lets talk about these promos - what makes them great, what makes them suck... whatever you'd like to say: here's your chance. Now's your time to share your fountain of knowledge and give back to the President and CEO of IDOPROMOZ... by contributing to the site.

WCCO: Coffee Talk

WFAA: The Time is Now

WBZ: Curious

WABC: News Van

WBNS: 50th Anniversary

KRON: Before they got butchered and were actually a good station

WNBC: 4 New York

WCBS: This is Where We Live

KHOU: Everything Superbowl (ok, this one is mine - so be gentle!)

Vote often and share your thoughts below...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Interesting Visual Style

Check out this cool promo from WKYC:

Here is the info attached to the spot:
One of my favorite promos we've ever done. This highlights the entire news team back in 2005. Each reporter/anchor was shot individually and then edited together in After Effects to make it look like one camera moving through all of them. This promo earned an EMMY nomination for Staion Promotion: Single Spot.

Morning Image Spots

Check out these morning show promos from WKYC in Cleveland... they are cleverly written and show the human side of the anchors.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Promo Spokespersons

Here is a nice spot that features real people selling a product. I just know you're going to love this. I did.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Fantastic Sweeps Spot

This is a great spot. Great use of audio and the tease really sucks me in.

These people...

should have their cameras and editing equipment taken away from them. If this is real... oh dear lord, if this is somehow, someway real... I promise to never feel bad about a promo again.

Publix Grocery Store Spots

In Orlando - the big grocery store is Publix. Instead of telling you corn is on sale or their checkers are faster than any other store in town... they go for the heart with their spots.

Not that news stations could do these kind of spots - but they are interesting to watch. They are a good example of storytelling in commercials- most times without ever saying a word.