Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Topical Blog!

Ok, technically this is competition for my blog... competition that threatens to topple the world wide headquarters of IDOPROMOZ.

But this blog is so great - I have to share. From the fine folks at KOVR in Sacramento comes:

Their masthead says:

The daily grind of producing TV topicals can leave your head spinning. But, they’re a key factor to selling our product. Use this blog to share and inspire breakthrough teases.

They have had some great success with their new brand "Asking Questions. Getting Answers." In this blog you will see how they incorporate the brand into the topicals. You will also see spots that really stand out from the typical stuff.

Check it out. Send some of your own topicals. Discuss what makes good topicals and bad...

The more chances we have to talk to other smart people, the better.

And they are very smart at KOVR.