Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Thank You

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has come to this blog over the past 10+ years.

I have met so many great people in this industry - many of you whom I now consider friends.

Through the years, I've found great pleasure in finding amazing work through Youtube, Vimeo and your emails -- and sharing it with others. 

I stopped giving my opinion a few years ago - when someone got very upset at my tongue-in-cheek review of their spot.  That's why I rarely share much more than the spot itself.

Now, after 10 years - I have decided that I will no longer continue with the blog.  I'm much busier these days with work and my two sons -- and since I haven't been posting much lately anyway, I figure now is a good time to say goodbye.

I encourage you to follow Paul Greeley's articles on TVNewsCheck -- he gets into much more detail than I ever did -- and shares some great work/inspiration.

There are so many places to be inspired these days -- please do yourself and this industry a favor - and keeping pushing the creative to new and exciting places.  You set the tone for how people perceive your station -- take it upon yourself to wow the audience with great creative.   You'll be inspired and so will your audiences.

For now, I again say thank you.  

And please feel free to reach out to me... I've enjoyed our time together.

Don Smith
KENS 5, San Antonio

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